the gates
So long Chestnut

Creation in situ for the Biénnale épHémères 2017 at Chateau de Montréal, 24400, Issac.

Two monoliths in chestnut, collected around and modelled on two openings in the castle’s fortifications.
South portal : 1x3.40x2.70m (9m/Cube)
North portal : 1x2.65x2.50m (6m/Cube).

One dies in this Landais forest.
il te suffit de marcher dans les bois, All you have to do is walk in the woods, you will see these gleaming ores, the remaining discharge of a lifeless coppice, dry and without bark, as livid as old bones, rising up to the heavens. Cadavers and spectres.
Canker contaminates the bark, Endothia blight. Inks that rot the roots, Phytophthora blight.
Droughts and a lack of love. Reforestation of the last plots of land with Maritime pine, to make it simpler.

So long Chestnut...

/ Sud Ouest
/ Biennale épHémères 2017