Video installation, "en Exil" at castel of Monbazillac 2014

Duration : 16mn
Format : HD
Year of production : 2014

Photographic and choreographic work initiated on Lamma Island, in Hong Kong, in 2009. There was an old chinese farm not far away from home, lost in the jungle and uneasily accessible during the monsoon. Plants and bugs had their nests there. Lianas came in through the walls and the wind rushed in the holes in such way that the rests of curtains hanging here and there became like possibles access to ghostly scenes. We had groped our way along in silence. A subjective idea of desolation. 20 000 pictures

note : This video is intended to be viewed by confrontation / with another film called "City"...

/ Agence Culturelle
/ Text by Céline Chereau
/ Dominique Bacarisse
/ Projet (pdf)
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